Hints about using Gooseless

Gooseless works by changing your search phrase into a new version that probes the depth of the dictionary to create alternative ways of asking the same question.

Do we change every word? Well if it starts with a capital letter, that usually means it's a proper noun so we leave it alone. What is a proper noun? Usually a place or a person so it makes sense not to mess with it but you can capitalize anything you want and we'll respect your decision not to change that particular word.

Of course if a word isn't in the dictionary or doesn't have any alternatives we won't be able to change it.

As you type in a search phrase you will see alternatives appearing after a second or two under the search box. When you click the Goose-it! button Gooseless retrieves a set of results based on these alternatives and shows you all the possibilities in a set of word dials. You can explore all the possible search results by clicking Goose-it! again or using the nudge and down arrows. If you aren't impressed by the Gooseless version just edit your search phrase or hit Goose-it! again.

We understand that sometimes you are just searching because you are bored. So just get in the Gooseless groove and starting exploring. You will be amazed at where you might end up.