About Gooseless

Gooseless is a new way of searching the web. Many people search over and again for same sort of content and always see the same sort of results.

Put the same search into Gooseless and by exploring alternative ways of asking the same question we deliver different results time after time.

Think of Gooseless as a sort of search thesaurus. You type in what you are looking for and we'll search out alternative ways of asking the same question. Trust me, you will be suprised what you'll find. It may not be exactly what you are were expecting but isn't that what searching should be? - finding the unexpected.

Gooseless is designed to finds hidden little gems that people wouldn't come across with one of the standard search engines. Gooseless is great if you are trying to be different or original. We also know lots of you are searching for fun or because you are bored - even when you should be working. Gooseless, as the world's first recreational search site, was created for people like you.

Gooseless is currently using Yahoo as it's back-end search engine. The core dictionary is derived from Princeton University's WordNet database which has been combined with a range of other lexical tools including grammer analysis and specific search related word substitution rules. We are constantly refining and updating our algorithms to enhance the Gooseless experience.